Horizon-Broadening Activities

Learn what was going on locally and in the world while you were ripening in the womb of your momma.


Walk down the street slowly enough to see every living thing around you as you go.


Eat five colors of food each day for a week. Notice and reflect on how hard/easy it was, how your diet shifted, and what you learned from the exercise.


Take the time to memorize the experience whenever life feels really good. Notice the elements within and without. Connect to each of your senses individually and all together; reflect later on what was same and different than usual. Seek new experiences that evoke the emotional fuel that was flowing through you when you felt Ahhhhhh or Yey or Yeahhhh.


Sit in a public place and hear every single noise available. Listen. Realize what was unexpected. Focus again. Listen. Realize what was unexpected. Expect nothing. Listen. Realize the interplay of unlike. Realize the rhythms.


Attend an event that may never become something you fancy in the long run. Be open and aware. Heed the Hippocratic oath as you suck the marrow with grace and humility. Serious bonus points for generosity and self-maintenance along the way.



Develop compassion for someone or something that seems beyond reproach. Acknowledge the reflection of what ails ya from within. Develop compassion for yourself. Reap what you sow. Send it back to the scoundrel and notice how your sentiments change, even if only microscopically. Breathe in and sigh deeply.



Be in touch with your body.

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