Healing is big stuff, and don’t let anyone convince you differently. It is a supreme:

Few people offer to the process a fraction of what it takes to make it successful and an artistic experience. And why should they? We are not much trained in such things. We do not much pay attention when we are vibrant and thriving, in our best states for learning and practicing.

Defining the landmarks that denote progress is as important as reaching them.

Asking not Why but, “How?” and, “How else?” perpetuate hope; hope breeds faith.

Believing that your sensibilities are telling the truth is paramount.


Truth is at the core of healing.

It is the light at the end of the tunnel and the path to peace.

It the premier intention, the daily goal.


Truth is nourishment

Truth is medicine.

Truth is the absence of scarcity.


Truth is Love

‘Easy’ is not synonym for Love, but in a dream.

Ditto for Truth.

‘Hard’ doesn’t really fit either

Healing is working toward Truth,

because the results are Inspiring.

Healing is seeking new ways to be Inspired,

when you least expect it

where you least expect it


because It matters,

        because It is worth practicing and

        because It is worth remembering to practice.

Healing is worth Patience.

Resigning to addiction or despair

exacerbates all that is mortality.


Sometimes even that is healing.

Inspiration comes.

Inspiration goes.

Inspiration will come again.

Seek Truth within.

With Patience, you will reap

          far more

                    than you sow.

With  Truth  we  reap  more  than  we  sow.




(more about healing to come in September)

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