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I only recommend personally experienced stuff that have been useful to me in more than one moment/period/scenario. I do not work for any of these companies and I have no agenda other than to convey my appreciation for the tools I use and give people ideas about how to use the more benign aspects of life as tools for making life generally easier and more enjoyable. Maybe some of them will suit you too. I find them to be synergistically beneficial too. Synergism rocks! ;-)


I use shoes as tools for healing, and not just the ones mentioned below. For example, one day the way my feet feel could indicate an arch stretch and pressure on the balls of my feet helpful, so I wear heels of some kind. Another day, having boots on would make my ankles feel stronger (and safer), giving me an overall comfort and sense of being grounded. Yet another day focusing on posture and flexibility draw me to my Earth shoes. Of course weather, fashion, mood, health and which are closest affect the equation too, but I wanted to give you an idea of how even shoes can be even more than safety and style.

Earth Shoes are good for you (especially if you have back issues or are on your feet all day). Read about the KALSO® Negative Heel™ Technology. View the plethora of styles at Planet Shoes because for some reason they have more style options than the official site (!). I'm pleased with mine and passing on the good word.

Update: my aunt just visited and borrowed mine for two days. The first day she wore them for 2 or 3 hours and her calves were sore (as were mine my first day). She skipped the next day and leerily wore them


A good mattress that suits you is SO important! I got a new mattress and even sitting on it makes my back happy. Pardon me if I'm getting campy but I was overdue and I literally had major chiropractic adjustments throughout the night and in the mornings for more than a week. It's quite something when you become clear your bod's sayin', "THANKS BRAIN. God whatta smartypants!" :-)

Selection is no small feat -- there are a dizzying number of options. For the learning curve, don't be shy about lying every which way on bbbbbbmany different beds in a store. If you are not particularly sensitive physically, you'll probably make out fine going with your gut and your budget. If you are however, you might want to go to the stores more than once -- research pays off and you'll be so proud of your smartypants self!

Evaluate your current bed status -- sometimes they get old, and sometimes they weren't very helpful to begin with. Sleep WELL!!!


I had an awesome acupuncture doctor who told me to eat five colors each day. Actually he told me to eat 5 colors in every meal but that much attention to detail is too much work for me so I modified and it's still a great way to maintain nutritional variety with little or no left brain activity. Blue and purple seem to be the biggest stumpers so remember the glorious blueberry, blue corn chip and eggplant, and I always keep a bottle of Trader Joe's unfiltered concord grape juice in the house (non-perishable, an amazing color, and if you shake it really hard to get all the tannins off the bottom, it's super duper good for you. Food is, of course, most excellent medicine, pleasure, art.

Mind Development

A lot of us experience few heightened states of awareness unless things intensify. In other words, many people do not self-motivate to greatness without an external reason to; many people do not self-motivate passionately without being negatively stimulated. Someone with this pattern might reflectively say,

"Often I am moved to create positive change only when there's trouble to resolve. Otherwise, I seem to get stuck at the idea or lose steam after the thrill of initiating."

Whether you're a master of self-motivation or not, everyone has experienced overwhelm -- more information/stimulation coming in than can be processed. No matter how you look at it, it's tiring, and exhausting if you have gotten into the habit of using stress as fuel.  What if that changed? What if less occurred in your life that was unconscious?

Centerpointe Research Institute has Holosync™ technology. I sum it up as meditative personal growth and subliminal mind development that exercises the left and right hemispheres to better collaborate, thus increasing previous thresholds. In other words, it takes longer for your sponge to be full, and you can use more of what it soaks up. It is pretty scientific business and also pretty cool.  They provide phone and email coaching to accompany your program, and you can order a free demo CD before committing. If you use it, it will affect you, even if you don't understand it or believe in it.

Consider it a background project that occasionally bubbles to the surface, and do consider it. It's not cheap but I keep feeling convinced it's worth the value (I'm transitioning to the third level called Level 2).

EMF Defense

All us computer-usin' technology-lovin' folk sure do get a lot of electromagnetic stimulation. A little can stir up a stagnating system. A lot can upset a system's balance. No one in the Bay Area gets a little...

Taken from the website: "Q-Link products tune up your biofield through a resonant effect that harmonizes your energy and helps you to navigate smoothly through a stressful world. Think of them like tuning forks that remind your biofield of its optimal functioning state. Worldly stress causes the biofield to become more chaotic and incoherent. The Q-Link reverses this process, ensuring efficiency, harmony, and balance."

A lot of athletes are using them too. I like mine. They also make Clearwave alarm clocks and the Ally -- my client got the clocks to protect his home before his baby was born and continues to enjoy them; I have the Ally and took it with me when I traveled.

Random Cool Data

Highly underdeveloped at this point, more like a depot but patience is a virtue... :=)

Scientific Information

Interesting article about reflexology and color therapy:

Psychoneuroimmunology studies the interaction of emotions and health.  How do we ask for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without actively pursuing it within ourselves?

You gotta do more than just go through the routines.

Be in touch with your body.

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