Sense & Science

A science is a systematically organized body of knowledge on any subject. Integrating basic and verified knowledge makes a major positive impact on quality of life. All of these topics affect your energy levels, preferences, and capacities. How we take in ideas and data are expressions of energy. How we create ideas and actions are expressions of energy. Everything has something to do with energy.

Bridging the Gaps

All of us make assumptions that X is true and Y is false daily. If they're accurate (based on shared reality), they make life easier and more fluid. If inaccurate however, sometimes they are benign, sometimes awkward, and other times disastrous.

Gaps in common understanding of how things work make living more awkward. How would the world improve if each of us understood at even a junior high level our multiple intelligences, basic anatomy, learning styles, and even how the vibration of our specific name, and date we became a body in the world interplay (numerology) with the experience of living? So much is going on at all times, even if we are not consciously aware. Understanding is a key.

Western Science & Beyond

While western sciences tend to focus on tracking symptoms to a biological malfunction, complementary sciences focus on looking at how physical symptoms relate to the whole person including lifestyle, environment, diet, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Another way of saying it could be that western sciences tend to look through the Cause-Effect filter for answers, and complementary sciences tend to look through the Everything is Relative filter.

This website in no way covers the myriad of valuable perspectives, sciences, practices and tools available for healing. Instead, think of it as a slow-growing compilation of content essential to insightfully care for self and others.

Focuses Abound

Some ‘bodies’ of knowledge to consider for sharpening your proverbial toolset (and my short definitions):

Interactive Bodywork honors all schools of thought as they support life, liberty and the pursuit of response-able happiness. You don't have to be a specialist in these fields to get value from them. Read on, learn something new, and have fun doing it. Be curious!

Continued Learning

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Educational ideas

Be in touch with your body.

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